My name is Jeremy Helm, Creative Director and Project Manager, with a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts along with almost twenty years of creative marketing communications experience for B2B and B2C which includes teaching, leading, managing and branding. I have developed brands and processes for start-ups up to billion dollar companies over the years. And, I have been able to manage all creative output for up to two dozen brands at once. In so doing, I have helped these companies to get the exposure and the teams get the experience they need to grow and be successful.

  Utilizing my extensive knowledge of Adobe Creative Suite and numerous other programs, I personally developed countless amounts creative content for multiple brands. My knowledge of the talents of my team helps me to ensure that things run smoothly and deadlines are met while also developing individual skills.

  Based on my experience in fast growing businesses, I have learned how to take chaotic processes and streamline to more lean, efficient and scalable systems. I have developed everything from SOP’s to entire project management software systems. My project management experience spans from product concepts all the way through launch campaigns.